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 By Dallas Jeffs



Sometimes,,steel and fabric
Hollis Roberts primarily works as a sculptor, though some of her earliest work was in the field of photography. Working with various materials including wood, textiles and metal, Hollis creates sculptural installations that serve as explorations and deconstructions of familiar forms.

Move Along, steel

The artist’s sculpture portfolio succeeds in being surprising and slightly disorienting at times. Often using found objects, Hollis alters just one or two details about the way the objects are constructed or how they fit together, creating a form that looks at first recognizable, but upon closer inspection is completely foreign.

For example, in the work Flirtatious, two bright red metal dining chairs are situated with facing each other, as they would from across a table. However, the table is absent and the chairs are melded together where the seats and legs should be. The resulting object is personified by the title and seems to depict two chairs facing each other closely, and with a great amount of interest. 


Flirtatious, repurposed chairs, steel, enamel paint

Opening reception Friday April 15th at 7:00pm

This body of work explores themes of family and the subversion of gender roles. I do so by examining the effect of  aesthetic representations of ordinary objects on perceptual experience. My work is designed to disrupt spaces that are typically perceived as mundane. I ask viewers to reflect on their own notions of safety, vulnerability, intimacy, trust and apathy towards the  objects that surround them.

I build structures that resemble everyday objects to encourage viewers to question — or simply become aware of — the ways that they interact with objects often found within their own homes. For example, there is a profound level of trust between a person and their furniture, this relationship is intimate and inherently vulnerable. My work does not capitalize on the physical interaction between the objects and the viewer, but rather the moment of perplexity in which the viewer lacks a conditioned response to the object at play. Through the tension that this interaction produces, I hope to provoke a dialogue between the viewer and their experiences, and to challenge their own preconceived knowledge .

The body of work Assumed Permanence is about constructing a destabilizing space between the viewer and the artworks. Through the manipulation of everyday objects the work asks the viewers to reflect their own notions of vulnerability, intimacy, and passive relationships with the objects that surround them. The work explores themes of trust, consumerism, preconceived knowledge and family. It is meant to disrupt spaces that would otherwise seem mundane.

Opening Reception will be Friday October 2nd at 7:00pm. 
The show will run Saturday's and Sunday's from October 3rd until October 18th and the Gallery hours are from 12-4.